Message from the CEO

Pyramids Poultry was established in 1980 specializing in poultry farming, the company then expanded to operate in several sectors to include the production of feed and oils, as well as the development of slaughterhouses. In 2019, Pyramids merged with Cairo 3A Group to become the largest integrated entity in the Egyptian poultry industry.

This merger has achieved integration and connection between elements of the industry with the aim of maintaining a robust industry in Egypt, one that employs millions of workers. The production volume stands at about 1.4 billion birds annually, while the volume of investments is between EGP 80 and EGP 100 billion. We work to provide a product with superior quality at the best price, we also support poultry breeders and producers in order to help reach maximum profitability, which is reflected in the performance and growth of the industry.

The company's strategy is based on the consistent success of the poultry and feed industry and the growth of its market share in Egypt, which is the result of the following:

  • Establishing the largest integrated entity in the Egyptian & Middle Eastern poultry industry, comprising all the elements of an interconnected production chain; starting with farms for grandparents ,breeders, hatcheries and broilers and through the feed and concentrates centers, as well as automated slaughterhouses and factories for the production of various processed products. The process ultimately contributes to reducing costs, improving the quality of the final product and protecting the production chain from the epidemiological risks.

  • Use of the latest in production and introduction of new strains technologies, characterized by high nutritional value, and is also suitable for weather conditions in Egypt, ultimately reducing production losses, and increasing profitability.
  • Increasing the range of processed poultry products with the best quality and best price to meet the needs of consumers bringing them closer to the brand.
  • Providing logistical and technical support to small poultry farmers with the objective of increasing production, maintaining poultry wealth, and improving the economic return on industry investments.
  • Expanding the range of protein products either livestock, poultry, fish or other basic products, in a way that contributes to achieving local sufficiency and providing products at an affordable price.
  • Increasing the productivity of Feed Factorys to meet local demand as well as opening of export markets.

  • We are proud that our company is an integrated Egyptian company seeking to develop this vital sector and contribute to the growth of the national economy.