Feed and Raw Materials Analysis Laboratories

Pyramids has a strong group of laboratories that use the latest equipment in analyzing raw materials upon their arrival to ensure quality before they are used in manufacturing.

The laboratory uses three categories for monitoring all the plant activities: (feed - extraction - refining - packaging).

First: Control raw materials used in manufacturing, whether they are basic raw materials (soybean seed - soybean meal - corn - gluten - raw soybean oil - etc.) or supplementary raw materials in production such as (table salt - limestone - monocalcium phosphate - packing bags - sewing threads - caustic soda - phosphoric acid - bleaching dust - citric acid - proform - cartons - covers). This process is carefully carried out according to standard specifications, whether Egyptian or international.

The latest technologies and equipment are employed to ensure fast results; devices include the NIR, which gives 5 test results (protein, fat, moisture, ash and starch) in 45 seconds. Vicam measures mycotoxins, AW measures free water in feed, Shaker device for sieve analysis of the produced feed, sample divider for dividing samples, two digestion and distillation units for chemical protein determination. Moreover, a Soxhlet device for the determination of fats, a Spectrophotometer for the determination of phosphorous in oils, and a Lovibond device for measuring oil color and other operations.

Second: A periodical sample is taken and analyzed, then production engineers are notified of the results as soon as they are released in order to make amendments if deviations from the standard specifications are detected. Over 100 tests are done daily at the refining department only.

Third: A follow-up of the final product is performed before it goes out to consumers and is carried out in accordance with standard specifications.

Fourth: The human element, considered the most important of these axes. We have a group of chemists with high and diverse experiences who have been carefully selected.