About The Company

Established in 1980, Pyramids Poultry is among the oldest poultry and feed companies in Egypt. The company operates in several divisions, mainly feed with the brand name of Pyramids Feed for Poultry, and poultry, through Shahd. In 2019, the merger with Cairo 3A Group resulted in creating the largest integrated entity in the Egyptian poultry industry.

Pyramids Poultry is one of the main engines of Cairo 3A Group where we guarantee unique mixtures of poultry feed for our customers based on the finest types of corn seeds and soybean made by the hands of trained professionals.

Moreover, we use the latest equipment in order to provide the highest quality according to required quality standards in all production cycles; starting with importing corn seeds and soybeans from the best sources, through using those grains to manufacture the best possible quality of poultry feed.

We use this feed in all farms owned by Cairo 3A Group and Pyramids Poultry.

The company general strategy is based on four main axes to provide full support to poultry farmers with the objective of reaching maximum possible profitability for both parties through:

First: Providing the best quality products at the best possible price
Second: Creativity and innovation
Third: Industry Support Team (Technical Support Team)
Fourth: Pyramids Center for Industry Support

In addition to what the company offers to the market through the poultry and feed sector, Pyramids also provides a wide range of food products through its commercial sector including oils (corn, sunflower, mixed oils) and margarine products under the brand names Roots, Al Sultan, Cameo and Walima.

The company also provides the market with Shahd Poultry products (Frozen, Chilled, Seasoned), in addition to offering Zaman Tea, which is produced from the best tea sources in Africa (Black Guinean tea). The company has recently penetrated the frozen vegetables market by distributing the agricultural products of Cairo 3A under the brand name "Qutoof".

The commercial sector of Pyramids aims to expand its range of food products, whether through the mother company or one of Cairo 3A Group’s sister companies, in order to provide products essential for Egyptian consumers employing the best quality and prices possible.