feed Supplies

The sector responsible for providing the best feed materials produced by Cairo 3A Group for the Egyptian market to ensure the development of the industry, locally and regionally.

Our Products
Soy Pro: High quality, high-fat soybean meal with a protein content of 43% and energy of 3265 kcal per portion.

Manufactured using the dry thermal extrusion method, which provides the highest availability of amino acids and protein, it ensures excellent results in animals consuming processed feed.

Made from imported soybeans.

It can be stored for a period of up to 6 months due to low humidity and the fact that it contains antioxidants (Lecithin and Tocopherol), which ensure ease of handling and reduction of storage losses of feed and raw materials.

It contains more than 58% of Trans-rumen protein, which ensures high-yield dairy cattle get the highest protein value without nutritional complications.